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Need for Speed™ No Limits
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Цена : Бесплатно
Возраст : 4+
Рейтинг : 4
Жанр : Гонки
Голоса : 26299
Версия : 2.0.6
Размер : 1.00 ГБ
Установки : Нет данных
OC : Требуется iOS 8.0 или более поздняя версия
Разработчик : Electronic Arts
Email : http://www.firemonkeys.com.au/support
Сайт : http://www.ea.com/iphone
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Be the first on the track in a special edition of Need for Speed ​​for mobile devices — the game from the developer who created Real Racing 3.
Create an ideal wheelbarrow using an incredible array of cars and their modifications.Balance between chaos and control. Click on the gas and become part of the automobile underground. Win in races, increase your reputation, get access to new races, modifications and cars. Make your choice and do not turn back.

In this app there are built-in purchases. Purchases in the app can be turned off in the device settings.

Choose the real cars you’ve always dreamed of, from Subaru BRZ to BMW M4, McLaren 650s, Porsche 911 and many others. Then pump them in the auto repair shops and on the black market with the help of the coolest modification system for mobile devices. At your disposal more than 2.5 million combinations. Cars are waiting for you. Take them out on the tracks or on the streets and compete with other racers.

Roll through the streets of Blackridge and admire the way sparks fly in all directions.Accelerate, jump on tramlines and through wreckage, on cars, fly walls and fly through high-speed «Zones nitro». Include nitro boosters and go to a different level of adrenaline driving and drifting. Behind every corner you are waiting for new races, disassembly with local gangs and cops. In this world there are a lot of novice racers. Will you manage to retain leadership and create a reputation for yourself?

Challenge everyone in a row, leave opponents to swallow dust and increase their reputation. Drive your car to the finish line, break away from the cops sitting on the tail, go through all the back streets of the map on the way to the final. You are waiting for more than 1,000 exciting races — and this is just the beginning. Create a reputation for yourself, become the king of the streets and get the best cars in the world. Because one car is too little!

Service Agreement:
License Agreement: http://tos.ea.com/legalapp/mobileeula/US/en/GM/
For support on the issues that arise, go to https://help.ea.com/.

EA may stop supporting network components and services after 30 days from the date of publication of the notice at www.ea.com/1/service-updates

Important information for users:
This application: requires a permanent connection to the Internet (may require payment for communication services); Requires the adoption of the Privacy Policy and the user’s identification and EA User Agreement; Includes in-game advertising; Collects data through third-party analytical technologies (see Privacy Policy and User Identification Rules); Contains links to sites and pages in social networks, intended for audiences over 13 years old.

Need for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No LimitsNeed for Speed™ No Limits

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