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Цена : Бесплатно
Возраст : Для всех возрастов
Рейтинг : 4,4
Жанр : Навигация и карты
Голоса : (6 789)
Версия : Зависит от устройства
Размер : 5,86 МБ — 10,04 МБ
Установки : Нет данных
OC : Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Разработчик : DreamTeam-Mobile
Email : gmaps.wp7@gmail.com
Сайт : http://dreamteam-mobile.com/
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GMaps — Google Maps client for Windows Phone Key features:

+ Find the location on the map and track the current speed

+ Support for layers (street, satellite, transport, bike paths, weather, etc.)

+ Search for a place with powerful local search

+ Discover (advanced cataloged customizable local search)

+ Route details (car, bicycle, public transport or on foot)

+ Routes, alternative routes and restrictions, multiple points, integration with other applications

+ High-grade Street View (360 * panorama, motion capability, compass support)

+ My Places (Favorites, Attachments, Last)

+ Driver mode (rotation, direction, automatic tracking of the route)

+ Compass

+ Different units of measurement

+ Share a card or place with SMS, mail, etc.

+ Get directions to the contact

+ Night mode

+ And much more …

We appreciate your feedback. Help us make the application the way you want it to be.Share your ideas and suggestions http://is.gd/gMapsToDo *** We are not affiliated with Google, Inc. *** *** All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ***


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