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Recording calls / conversations
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,2
Genre : Business
Vote : 133 041
Version : 3.0
Size : No data
Installation : 5 000 000–10 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 2.3 or later
Developer : SMSROBOT LTD
Email : support@smsrobot.com
Site : http://www.smsrobot.com
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Automatically record phone calls / conversations – Automatic Call Recorder 2017.
Did you have an important phone call and you had to write something down? Did you ever need to remember the phone number or address? Are you stuck in a traffic jam while taking an important order from a customer? Maybe you ever had to remember the list of products for purchase, but did you forget? Have you ever wanted to keep the memories of sweet and gentle words from your loved one?
Recording calls / conversations offers a unique set of functions that provide automatic recording of conversations. An additional function is the option “Shake to record”, in English “Shake to Record”, which allows instant recording of any conversation. You can listen to recorded conversations at any time, or automatically sync with your Dropbox account.
Automatic recording of telephone conversations and calls – Important note:
Due to hardware limitations, writes may not work on some devices. This restriction does not depend on the application and does not represent a bug in the application.Please do not leave negative feedback and comments if the recording function does not work.
The recording function also will not work if there are more applications for recording calls. Please close or delete other applications for recording calls.
Automatic recording of calls / conversations – Full list of functions:
• Automatic recording in accordance with predefined rules
• “Shake to record” (Premium option). Start recording by shaking your phone.
• Filter for recording. With the help of filters you can determine whether you want to record all calls, only calls with contacts or only calls from unknown numbers. Even you can define a filter for any single contact in the list.
• A favorite of favorites. Conversations that are constantly stored in your phone.
• Automatic synchronization with the Dropbox folder (Premium option). You can automatically synchronize all calls or only selected favorites.
• Manual synchronization of Dropbox. Each dialog can be synchronized manually in Dropbox.
• Menu after call (Premium option). After the call is finished, a menu with the main options for manipulating recorded conversations opens.
• Advanced memory management. It is possible to limit the memory size in the phone for recorded conversations, which they occupy. The restriction can be based on the number of calls, the total space in megabytes or on the date of calls (Premium option).

Some of the functions described are part of the Premium application. The application can be extended to the Premium version using in-app payment. If you want to buy a Premium version, then get lifelong access to premium features, even if you change your phone or delete all the data.
If you mistakenly bought the Premium version on the phone, for which, it is known, the recording is impossible, we will refund the money completely. In this case, please send a paid receipt from Google Play to the following address: android@smsrobot.com.

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