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Yandex maps
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Cost : Free
Age : For all ages
Rating : 3,7
Genre : Navigation and maps
Vote : (8 547)
Version : Depends on the device
Size : 4,12 МБ — 61,6 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Developer : Yandex
Email : Yandex.ru
Site : Yandex.ru
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Yandex maps

Updated application for devices with Windows 10

· Maps of the whole world

· City Guide

· Pedestrian navigation

· Routes by car and public transport

· Public transport on the map

· Satellite imagery, panoramas

· Offline maps

Search and selection of places:

· The largest database of organizations and filters for accurate search;

· Detailed information: contacts, work schedule, list of services, photos and reviews;

· Search for places and addresses without connecting to the Internet (offline maps);

· View saved places on any computer, tablet and smartphone. Routes for motorists:. Construction of optimal routes by car;

· Several variants of the journey to choose from, taking into account traffic jams;

· Step-by-step instructions with prompts in the path;

· Notifications of current speed limits and exceedances;

· Real-time information about traffic jams, road accidents, high-speed radars, etc.

Itineraries on foot and by public transport:. The choice of several routes on public transport, taking into account the transplants and traffic jams; . Bus and other transport on the map in real time; · The forecast of arrival of transport and intervals of movement at stops;

· Completely pedestrian routes – taking into account the passages between houses, paths in public gardens and parks, other pedestrian zones.

Offline maps: · light cards that occupy little space on the device (for example, Moscow weighs 159 MB); · The base of organizations with a mode of work, a list of services and other details; · More than 1800 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.


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