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Cost : Free
Age : Only with adults
Rating : 4,4
Genre : Soacial
Vote : 2 456 673
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Size : No data
Installation : 50 000 000–100 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 4.1 or later
Developer : Tumblr, Inc.
Email : support@tumblr.com
Site : http://tumblr.com
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Tumblr is a cool place where you can find and publish what you like, and also join the communities of people who like the same thing.

Q: What can I publish in Tumblr?
A: Photos, videos, live videos, songs, lyrics – lots of stuff.

Q: Can I create GIFs?
A: Yes, it is possible. They can be created from a video, a series of pictures, live photos or just shoot on the go.

Q: What does it mean to make a reblog?
A: It means finding a cool post in Tumblr and assigning it to yourself. That is, you can republish posts of other people on your blog and add comments to them. And other people can do the same with your posts. So ideas spread to Tumblr, and around them grow communities.

Q: Who can I meet in Tumblr?
A: Those who publish interesting posts and make the relogs of what you might like.Politics, movies, memes, etc. If you come across something interesting on the Internet, it is likely that it was published in Tumblr.

Q: How do I communicate with people in Tumblr?
A: There are several options. You can comment posts, make their repositions in your Tumblr blog and add comments or send private messages. What is most suitable for you.

Q: How to find interesting blogs and subscribe to them?
A: By searching for the tags that interest you. You will not only find great posts, but you will also be able to subscribe to them. And you can also subscribe to search results to get the best posts directly to the tape.

Q: What do people in Tumblr say right now?
A: About what is happening in the world – a real, fictional, scientific, world of pop culture, sport, security and justice. In whatever world you live, you will find it among the popular topics on the search tab.

Q: Do all Tumblr blogs look the same?
Oh no! You can fully customize the design, right up to the colors and fonts.

Q: How can people find my blog?
A: Add tags to your posts. A lot of communities in Tumblr are constantly looking for tags on the new posts about what they like. Perhaps your post will be exactly what they need.

Q: So you can download Tumblr right now, expand your horizons and change your views forever?
Oh yeah!


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