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Cars: Fast as Lightning
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Cost : Free
Age : Для всех возрастов
Rating : 4,1
Genre : Racing and flight simulators
Vote : (3 412)
Version : Depends on the device
Size : 101,37 МБ — 109,12 МБ
Installation : No Data
OS : Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile,
Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Developer : Gameloft.
Email : http://support.gameloft.com/
Site : http://www.gameloft.com/
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Lightning McQueen and Maitre decided to arrange a racing extravaganza in the Radiator Springs! They need talents! Show them the drive! Rush towards the wind with the characters from Tachek! You are waiting for an exciting arcade racing game! Build your own three-dimensional Radiator Springs, the Lightning House and its gay friends, and turn it into a thriving city! It’s your high time to be as fast as Lightning! SLOWS – OFFICIAL GAME DISNEY AND PIXAR!

• Real Cars are bright characters that kids and fans like so much, including Matra, Francesco and many others! • Video input on the game engine in high quality! And Lightning McQueen was voiced by Owen Wilson himself!

• Twenty wheelbarrows to choose from – feel like an outrageous Francesco Bernoulli or the legendary Lightning McQueen. All cars can be pumped, tuned and painted! You can become a wheelbarrow from Radiator Springs, Tuner, Spy or even International Racer! HOT ARCADE RACE FOR EVERYONE!

• Do you like speed? You are waiting for breathtaking speed rides with easy control, crazy acceleration and a variety of surprises! • Do what you like! Build a three-dimensional stunt trail of your dreams with stony rings, roller coasters and other incredible designs!

• Press on the gas! Record your friends’ records on their tracks in weekly tournaments! BUILD YOUR OWN RADIATOR SPRINGS! • Do you want to build a Radiator Springs? As many as 30 buildings to choose from, including Cassa Della Tires Luigi and Fillmore Snack Restaurant!

• All recognizable places of worship, buildings and cartoon characters became three-dimensional! You are waiting for bright graphics and funny animation! _____________________________________________

The game is downloaded and used for free. However, you can also use a virtual currency that you can win in the game, get after viewing the advertisement or buy for real money. The cost ranges from 0.99 € to 99.29 €. You can limit in-game purchases by changing the device settings. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. To use the game, additional data loading is required from 50 to 150 MB. Please note that the size of the uploaded data may change without notice. To download and update the game, as well as other in-game features (playing with friends, buying and watching commercials) requires an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi). Some aspects of the game, in particular, cooperation, rivalry or the exchange of in-game items with other players, require connection to a social network (Facebook). Please note that this connection is not required for the game. These functions can be disabled in certain countries. The game can contain advertising messages from Gameloft and other companies with the possibility of redirecting to their sites. You can disable the use of the device ID for advertising in the settings menu. To do this, go to Settings PC -> Personal -> General

Тачки: Быстрые как МолнияТачки: Быстрые как МолнияТачки: Быстрые как МолнияТачки: Быстрые как МолнияТачки: Быстрые как Молния

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