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Super Mario Run
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Cost : Feee
Age : 4+
Rating : 1,5
Genre : Arcade
Vote : 12585
Version : 1.1.2
Size : 207 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Email : Nintendo Co., Ltd
Site : Nintendo Co., Ltd
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A new game with Mario, which can be played with one hand.

Mario continuously runs forward, and you touch the screen at the right time to perform special jumps and tricks, collect coins and reach the final flag!

The game Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and try to play in all modes, and when you buy the game, you can play in all modes without additional payment. These modes contain the World Tour, in which you pass 24 new levels to save Princess Peach, Rally with Toads, where you compete with friends and players from around the world and where levels change every time you start the game, and Create a kingdom where you can create your own kingdom.
You need an Internet connection to play. Data may be charged for downloading data.

[spoiler show=”All text\ Полный текст”]■ World tour
Run and jump, performing various tricks to save Princess Peach from Bowser!
On its way you will see plains, caves, haunted houses, flying ships, castles and much more.To get to Bowser Castle, you need to go through 6 worlds with 24 new levels created for playing on the iPhone and iPad. New levels provide different game options, for example, you can collect three kinds of colored coins on each level or try to get the most points among your friends.
At levels 1-1 to 1-3 you can play for free, and after making a purchase, you can play on all 24 levels.
■ Rally with toads
Show Mario’s clever tricks and compete with friends and players from around the world.

Every time you play in this mode, new matches will be waiting for you.
Compete with the tricks of other players and get the most points by collecting coins and getting support for the toads. Fill in the indicator, performing special tricks to start Pursuit of coins, during which you can get even more coins. If you win a rally, the supporting toads will join your kingdom. To play in the Rally with the Todas, you need tickets for the rally. Rally tickets can be obtained in the World Tour mode, as well as in bonus games and the “?” Block in the Kingdom Creation mode.

■ Creating a Kingdom
Collect coins and toads for your own kingdom.

Create a unique kingdom using coins to receive structures and ornaments that can be unlocked with the help of the different colored toads that you collected in the Rally with the Toads.

Mode Creation Kingdom contains more than 100 kinds of elements! There are even structures with which you can unlock the game characters in the World Tour and Rally modes with the toads.


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