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The Perfect Spider-Man
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Cost : Free
Age : 16+
Rating : 4,1
Genre : Action & Adventure
Vote : (4 454)
Version :
Size : 236,69 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Developer : Gameloft.
Email : http://support.gameloft.com/
Site : http://gameloft.com/
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You are waiting for the brightest painted arcade adventure, filled with action on the most “I can not.” Combine all the incredible abilities of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman against the threat looming over the world! The plot of this game came down from the pages of the famous comics Marvel. Collect the army of heroes of the Spider universe, fight the villains who opened the portal to another dimension in New York with the intention of capturing our world with endless clones of yourself! Increasing evil captures and destroys one dimension after another. The turn of our dimension has come to join the struggle for existence!

THE FIRST FREE PLAY FOR A SPID MAN! • The first web-runner with Spider-Man!Ride on the web, run and fight with enemies in 5 districts of New York! • Unique gameplay: fight the villains, swing on the web, climb the walls and make long jumps! • In each release you are waiting for 5 terrific battles with bosses and 25 exciting tasks!New daily promotions with incredible rewards! Endless mode with standings!

RANNER WITH FABULOUS STATION! • The Sinister Six is ​​traveling by dimensions, and ours has been on their way! Only the army of Spider-Man can stop them! • The universe of Marvel for 50 years gives fans of Spider-Man a lot of cult heroes and villains! Who does not know Nick Fury, Mary Jane or the Black Cat? • The plot from the author of comic books about Spider-Man – all in the spirit of comics!

You did not meet such number of spiders anymore! • Summon, collect and play with all possible Spiders! You are waiting for the Superb Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Scarlet Spiders! • Collect, unite and swing the Spiders, each with their unique abilities, send them to perform special tasks!

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