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Cost : Free
Age : 4+
Rating : 4
Genre : Card game
Vote : 7790
Version : 4.11.0
Size : 101 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Requires iOS 7.0 or later
Developer : MobilityWare
Email : http://www.mobilityware.com/support.php
Site : http://www.mobilityware.com/
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If at one time you were flirting with the “Scythe” in Windows, then you just fall in love with this application. This is the same game that you played for hours on your computer. Today this is the only “Kindergarten” with daily trials!

Classic “Kindergarten” with convenient control of cards – just swipe your finger across the screen of your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad or click on the desired cards.

New: Now we have special decks with festive themes: Halloween, New Year’s holidays and Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the game in “Kindergarten”, choosing the design you like.

Classic card game Klondike (also known as Klondike) is the most popular solitaire, that’s why we tried to keep the spirit of this game! Every day you get a unique task.Execute it and get the crown on this day. Earn trophies every month, collecting such crowns!

You can also perform daily tests on Apple Watch! You do not even need to get your iPhone, and you can deal cards as many times as you need. Information about the daily tests, crowns and trophies performed is available for viewing at any time. The option with 3 cards is also displayed on Apple Watch.

Play this classic game yourself or compete with other players in real time. Our “Kindergarten” can take the same cards to several players at once, so that they can reveal the best, playing at the same time. You can challenge your friends or fight a completely unfamiliar player. Impressive, right?

Solitaire has not converged for a long time? Choose the winning change! You can customize the game so that the cards dealt to you provide at least one option of winning. Still can not win? Use the “Show me how to win” option, it will tell you the moves that will lead you to victory.

Are you sure that you have achieved an unsurpassed result in “Klondike”? Using the Apple Game Center application, you can see the results of players from around the world and compare the performance of leaders with their own!

The application, marked by Apple as one of the best free applications in 2010, supports drag-and-drop functions for moving maps, horizontal and vertical orientation. In addition, your game is saved when you call or you receive notifications – not all applications for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad support these functions.

This is a universal application that is played in the optimal resolution for your Apple device.

-Daily tests
-NEW style decks
-Network “Kosynka”
-Weats out
-Please tell me how to win
-The Game Center Leaderboard
-Delivery 1 card
-Pull 3 cards
-Vertical orientation
-Horizontal orientation
-Setting the design of card shirts
-Setting background
-References for right-handed and left-handed people
-Save the game with interrupts
-Unlimited action cancellation
-Auto completing games
-Standard scoring system
-The game mode for money

-View of daily tests, crowns and current trophy status
-The option with 3 cards is displayed on Apple Watch
– Countdown until the next day’s test
-Repeated delivery for today’s test

In the application Solitaire there is advertising.

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