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Hide photos and videos
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,3
Genre : Business
Vote : 24 898
Version : Depends on the device
Size : Depends on the device
Installation : 1 000 000–5 000 000
OS : Required version of Android Depends on the device
Developer : SMSROBOT LTD
Email : support@smsrobot.com
Site : http://www.smsrobot.com
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★ Welcome to the new privacy application on Google Play: FotoX – Scripting photo video. Be calm – your confidential files will be protected from other people’s eyes. You can hide and protect your personal photos and videos in a private gallery and create reliable backup copies of your data in the cloud. Keep your personal information on multiple devices at once! Unlock applications using the “Fictitious Crash” dialog, which simulates an application error. Take control in your own hands and make your personal files really confidential using FotoX.
Main functions:
★ Screen photo video.
★ FotoX Gallery allows you to store personal images and videos. All data in your FotoX gallery is encrypted and hidden from standard applications for viewing images and video.
Other applications using only your face.
★ The dummy method simulates a standard dialog when the application crashes on Android. If you select this option, the installation wizard will ask you to enter the PIN. This code will be used to unlock FotoX, but in a hidden way.
★ Cloud FotoX is a feature of the premium version of the application that allows you to securely store all your personal data in the cloud and transfer them from one device to another. In addition, if you lose or change the device, your personal data will remain completely secure. Just install FotoX on your new device and restore all your personal content with one click. The infrastructure of the FotoX cloud is created by Amazon Web Services.
★ Attempts to break. Every time someone enters an incorrect PIN, an incorrect pattern or an application can not recognize the person, FotoX records and saves this attempt in the hacking attempts. The application constantly stores this data, but you can always delete the items in the list to free the internal storage for storage.
★ Hide the FotoX icon. This option allows you to completely remove the FotoX icon from your device and makes the application invisible to others. Since you can not run the application in the usual way, we have created two options for launching FotoX. You can display the hidden application icon again by simply removing the check box from the “Hide” cell.
★ Prevent deletion. Once this function is activated, no one can delete FotoX except you. The standard removal procedure will not be available. You can remove the application only on this settings page.
★ Password recovery. We strongly recommend that you set this parameter to FotoX. If you forget your PIN or pattern, you can always unlock the lock and restore access to the FotoX application.

Confidentiality: SMSROBOT LIMITED undertakes not to disclose or sell your PERSONAL INFORMATION. We appreciate your enthusiasm when using our products and services and we promise not to abuse this trust. Promising this, we want to show how much we value your privacy. You can read our privacy policy here: www.smsrobot.com/privacypolicy.html

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