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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,1
Genre : Board games
Vote : 45 943
Version : 2.2.0
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Installation : 5 000 000–10 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 2.3 or later
Developer : Chess Prince
Email : prineslic@gmail.com
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Chess in Android

Chess is a board game for two players. The game takes place on a square board made of 64 small squares, with eight squares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two horses, two elephants, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the game is to have each player try to put a checkmate to the enemy’s king. If the player’s king is under the Shah and the player does not have any moves to remove this check, this player is called the mat, and his opponent puts the mat.

The game is that players alternately make moves. White makes the first move. With the exception of taking on the pass and castling described below, the move is that the player moves one of his pieces to another field according to the following rules:

Figures, except for the horse, during the stroke are considered to move along a straight line in the plane of the board, that is, “passing” all the fields between the initial and final, so all these fields must be free. If there is another figure in the path of the figure, you can not move the figure to the field behind it. An exception is the move of the horse (see below).
The move on the field, occupied by its shape, is impossible.
When going to the field, occupied by someone else’s figure, she is removed from the board (take).
The king goes 1 distance vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
The queen goes to any distance vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
The rook goes to any distance vertically or horizontally.
The elephant goes to any distance diagonally.
The horse goes to the field, located at a distance of 2 vertically and 1 horizontally or 1 vertically and 2 horizontally from the current position. Unlike all other chess pieces, the move of the horse is done outside the plane of the board, that is, the horse moves directly (“jumps”) from the initial field to the final one and no figures standing in other fields can prevent the horse from moving. In particular, a horse can walk on the field, even if it is completely surrounded by his or other people’s figures.
The pawn walks with a diagonal capture on one field forward-to-right or forward-to-left, and without taking – vertically to one field forward. If the pawn in this game has not yet made moves, it can make a move without taking two fields forward. The direction “forward” is the direction to the eighth horizontal for white or to the first for black. When a pawn goes to the last horizontal (for whites – to the eighth, for black – to the first), the walking man must replace it with any other figure of the same color except the king (turning a pawn). The transformation of the pawn is part of the move by which it moves to the last horizontal line. Thus, if, for example, a figure turned from a pawn threatens the enemy’s king, then this king, as a result of a pawn’s move to the last horizontal line, immediately appears under the shah.

Chess is popular and often played in competitions called chess tournaments. He used it in many countries, and is a national hobby in Russia.


– 7 completely different colors of the chessboard
– 6 completely different backgrounds to choose from
– Cancel the move
– Records
– Excellent efficiency


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