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Calories counter from FatSecret
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,4
Genre : Health & Fitness
Vote : 182 274
Version : Depends on the device
Size : Depends on the device
Installation : 10 000 000–50 000 000
OS : Required version of Android Depends on the device
Developer : FatSecret
Email : contact@fatsecret.com
Site : https://www.fatsecret.com
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Calorie Counter is an integral application to simply find information about the nutritional value of the foods you eat, and also easily track your meals, exercise and weight.

The Calorie Counter is easy to use and has many modern tools to help you succeed:
– Quick choice to find the information you are interested in about calories and nutritional value of your favorite dishes, brands and restaurants
– Barcode scanner and manual barcode set
– A food diary to plan and watch what you eat
– Diary of exercises to record all calories burned by you
– Dietary calendar, compares all collected info
– Tracking the weight in the table
– Reporting and objectives
– Image Recognition
– Photograph food and dishes, keep a diary in photos
– A journal that helps to calculate progress
– Facebook and Google Login

You can also synchronize your account with the Internet, having the opportunity to access your info in any place, at any time.

We really hope that you will like our Calories Counter. We are constantly working on improving the application, so you can expect all the best innovations in the future;)

Счетчик Калорий от FatSecretСчетчик Калорий от FatSecretСчетчик Калорий от FatSecretСчетчик Калорий от FatSecretСчетчик Калорий от FatSecretСчетчик Калорий от FatSecret

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