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Samsung Health
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,2
Genre : Health & Fitness
Vote : 278 212
Version :
Size : No data
Installation : 100 000 000–500 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 4.4 or later
Developer : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Email : shealth.info@samsung.com
Site : http://health.apps.samsung.com/
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Samsung Health contains the basic functions that allow you to maintain health and fitness. This application captures and analyzes the physical activity that you exercise during the day. The results obtained help to properly eat and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Many built-in trackers help in one step to add different physical exercises and monitor their performance – while jogging, walking and cycling, playing sports indoors or outdoors. Using the pedometer, you can track the distance traveled.

By fixing a wide variety of information, for example on the consumption of food, caffeine and water, Samsung Health helps create a model of a balanced lifestyle.

Write down everything you consume throughout the day, and check the diet and weight settings at any time convenient for you. There are also sleep and load trackers that help to achieve the most comfortable state.

Built-in sensors and external devices can monitor the health and environmental indicators – palpitations, pressure, blood glucose levels, load weight and SpO₂.

Trackers allow the user to quickly and conveniently view compelling data according to their preferences. Intuitive graphs, useful tips and guides for doing physical exercises – all this will help you maintain a good shape and observe the correct diet. On the dashboard, you can add and remove personal goals at your discretion.

To control your physical activity, weight and diet, use Samsung Galaxy and Gear devices.

The application is compatible with all Samsung smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S3 model, as well as with smartphones running Android from other manufacturers.

Exercise programs such as “Gradually to 5 km”, “Running for 5 km”, etc., will help to achieve progress in running. During training, voice instructions are given. In addition, when doing physical exercises, you can listen to music.

Compete with your friends and browse your rating. After registering for a Samsung account, you can compete with friends listed in the address field. In the Together section, you can select an opponent and compare your number of steps with a similar indicator of people from different age groups from around the world.

According to your preferences, daily news related to your health is delivered via a news feed that you can customize for yourself. Advice from health professionals helps maintain health and fitness.

Discover the best health management applications that you can connect to Samsung Health, in particular Technogym and Coach by Cigna. By connecting them to Samsung Health, you can centrally monitor the data on nutrition, fitness and sports in any of these applications.

Tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported. Some features may not be available, depending on the region, service providers, and device type. Samsung Health requires Android 4.4 or higher.

Samsung Health supports more than 70 languages, including English, French and Chinese. For the rest of the world, an English version is available.

Please note that the Samsung Health application is intended solely for use in maintaining physical fitness and well-being, and not for diagnosing diseases, other pathological conditions, or for eliminating, mitigating, treating or preventing diseases.

Your personal health data stored in Samsung Health is securely protected. On all models of Samsung Galaxy, released after August 2016, will be available service Samsung Health with support for Knox. Please note: the Samsung Health service with Knox support will not be available on the ruled mobile device.

Samsung HealthSamsung HealthSamsung HealthSamsung Health

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