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The most difficult game 2
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Cost : Free
Age : 4+
Rating : 4,5
Genre : Arcade
Vote : 265
Version : 10.0
Size : 64.6 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Requires iOS 7.0 or later
Developer : Orangenose Studios
Email : http://www.orangenosestudio.com/contact.html
Site : http://www.orangenosestudio.com/othergames.html
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The most complex game 1 hits records on popularity in the US, ranking first in the game ratings of Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia … Well, the most difficult game 2 definitely can not be missed!

From the developers of the world’s bestsellers: “What do I have IQ?”, “Stupidity 3”, “0.03 seconds”. Do not miss the continuation of “The most difficult game 2”!

The most difficult game 2 is a series of fun mini-games, in which the time of your reaction is measured in milliseconds and pixels! How many slaps per second can you give? Will your reaction catch eggs in milliseconds before falling to the floor? The most difficult game 2 guarantees adrenaline rush for many hours! Check your friends and family and find out who has the fastest reaction in the game on the iPhone / iPod / iPad!

+ Simple operation (3 buttons)
+ 24 stages and 4 challenging levels
+ Leaderboard of friends from Facebook
+ Simple but addictive gameplay
+ Instructions in several languages

Read the reviews from our players to the game “0,03 seconds” – reviews do not lie:

Elegant! – 5/5 Stars
By Lainie24 – 10 February 2011
“This is a funny and exciting game, I lost all levels to the end, I will advise the game to friends, it’s also a great game test, some tasks are very difficult.”

A lot of fun! – 5/5 Stars
By Nickram81 – 06 February 2011
“If you do not have this game yet, get it, master it and you’ll be hitting friends over how they masturbate.”

Veselukha – 5/5 Stars
By Sarah Childers – 01 February 2011
“I like competitive applications like this, tracking your own results and further development is a useful pastime.”

Game 0.02s is in the top five games in over 30 countries! And now the continuation has come out – the HARDEST GAME 2 – do not miss it! Download now!

ATTENTION: The game contains several simple mini-games that seem too light until you try them! Not for weaklings!

Самая сложная игра 2Самая сложная игра 2Самая сложная игра 2Самая сложная игра 2Самая сложная игра 2

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