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MARVEL: Битва чемпионов
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Cost : Free
Age : 12+
Rating : 4,5
Genre : Adventure
Vote : 32760
Version : 12.0.0
Size : 958 МБ
Installation : 32847
OS : Requires iOS 7.0 or later
Developer : Kabam
Email : http://kabam.force.com/PKB
Site : http://www.playcontestofchampions.com/
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Prepare for the grandiose battles with your favorite superheroes and Marvel super villains in a space-scale conflict! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and other heroes are ready to help! Assemble the team and become the strongest champion Marvel!

Captain America against the Iron Man! Hulk against Wolverine! Spider-Man against Deadpool! The outcome of the greatest battles in the history of Marvel is in your hands! The Greedy Elder of the Universe, better known as the Collector, encouraged you to take part in a grand battle with an army of notorious villains, including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror and many others! Discover for yourself an unrivaled free game-fighting game for mobile devices – “Marvel: Battle of Champions”!

• Join forces with friends and other Summoners to create the strongest alliance.
• Build plans with other members of the union and help their champions stand in battle.
• Help your union break out into the leaders during the events of the unions and earn exclusive rewards, carrying out tasks with special companions on special cards.
• Try the strength of your alliance by fighting against opponents from all over the world in the wars of alliances!

[spoiler show=”All text\ Полный текст”]ASSEMBLE THE UNBEATABLE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS.
• Collect a powerful team of heroes and villains (among them Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier).
• Go to the missions during which you have to defeat Kang and Thanos and face off with a new mysterious and incredibly powerful space enemy to save the Marvel universe from total annihilation.
• Improve the attacking and defensive abilities of your team, using several branches of skill.GATHER THE STRONGEST SUPERHEROIRS (AND THE SMELLS)!
• Collect heroes and villains, pump them and competently combine them into teams to take advantage of the synergy bonuses, conditioned by the composition of the team and the relationship of the characters, descended from the pages of comic books Marvel.
• For example, a bonus can be obtained by pairing the Black Panther and Storm, or Cyclops and Wolverine, or by collecting a team of Guardians of the Galaxy.
• The stronger the champion, the higher his parameters, the more effective the ability and the more effective the special moves.
• The Battle is constantly joined by more and more new champions!FIGHT AND PARTICIPATE IN ADVENTURES.
• Move along the fascinating plot in the style of the classic Marvel masterpieces.
• Fight shoulder to shoulder or face to face with numerous heroes and villains in the cult places of the Marvel universe: the Tower of the Avengers, the building of “Ozkorp”, Kilne, Wakanda, Wildlands, Asgard, Helicarrier SHIITA and many others!
• Explore dynamically changing task cards and engage in strenuous battles with a control scheme developed specifically for mobile devices.This application may require access to the camera of your device.Support us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MarvelContestofChampions
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MARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионовMARVEL: Битва чемпионов

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