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Typany Keyboard
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,5
Genre : Tools
Vote : 64 118
Version : 2.1.4
Size : No data
Installation : 1 000 000–5 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 4.1 or later
Developer : Typany Keyboard Team
Email : typany2016@gmail.com
Site : https://www.facebook.com/typany/
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Keyboard Typany – Simple, fast, stylish keyboard!

Here are the reasons to choose the Typany keyboard:
☆ The ability to customize the keyboard for you personally, using photos or any created by you design!
☆ Thousands of cool, colorful themes, stickers and smileys! Absolutely free!
☆ A real breakthrough in quick typing and word hints!

Our goal is the embodiment of the slogan Print fast, Print with pleasure! On absolutely all devices!

Start communicating with the unique Typany keyboard, set right under you! Use the technology of personal selection of text.

Teach Typany! F-A-S-T
Speed ​​and convenience (F-A-S-T) -this quality formed the basis of our innovative innovative technology for predicting the input of Training Typany. With this addition, the words and phrases entered by the user are processed and stored by the device, which makes typing the text as fast as possible and suitable for you personally!

Constantly updated themes and stickers, absolutely FREE!
No more worrying about unsuccessful purchases. Everything that Typany offers is absolutely free! Download from our constantly updated repository so many stickers and themes for registration, how much you want, or do not do it at all – it all depends on you!

Keyboard Features:
– Training Typany: Build your own vocabulary: Typany remembers the words that you type twice;
– Auto completion and word prediction: Enjoy the advantage of automatically completing the words that you enter; As well as suggestions for the most accurate versions of the next word;
– Autocorrection: Easily correct input words with auto-correction, available for various languages;
– Large selection of interface changes: Make the keyboard the most suitable for you personally! Use any photo or color that you like, or choose the original theme from an available repository;
– Small application file size: Less than 10MB. Use more features of the phone with the Typany keyboard, because the application takes up very little space;
– Tips for smiles: Quickly insert your favorite smilies into the text – Typany remembers not only words, but smilies too;
– Customized for you layout: Choose the keyboard layout that suits you: QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY;
– Multi-language support: Freely switch between the various languages ​​offered.

At the moment the application supports 87 languages:
English, Arabic / العربية, Armenian / հայերեն, Azerbaijani / Azərbaycanca, Bengali / বাংলা, Bulgarian / Bulgarian, Czech / český, Danish / Dansk, Dutch / Nederlands, Finnish / Suomi, French / Français, Estonian / Eesti, German / Deutsch, Georgian / რთულართული, Greek / ελληνικά, Gujarati / ગુજરાતી, Hebrew / עברית, Hindi / हिन्दी, Hungarian / Magyar, Lao / ສາ ລາວ ລາວ, Icelandic / íslenska, Igbo / Igbo, Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia, Irish / Gaeilge, Italian / Italiano, Javanese / Basa Jawa, Kazakh / Kazakh, Latin / Latinae, Lithuanian / Lietuvių, Macedonian, Malayalam / Malayalam / മലയാളം, Marathi / मराठी, Mongolian / Mongol, Pashto / پښتو, Persian / فارسی, Polish / Polski, Portuguese (PT) / Português (PT), Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR), Punjabi (Gurmukhī) / ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Romanian / Română, Russian / Pусский, Sindhi / सिन्धी, Spanish (ES) / Español (ES), Spanish (ES) Latin ame Rica) / Español (América Latina), Sundanese / Basa Sunda, Swedish / Svensk, Tagalog / Tagalog, Tamil / தமிழ், Tatar / tatarcha, Telugu / తెలుగు, Thai / ไทย ไทย, Turkish / Türkçe, Ukrainian / ukrainian, Urdu / اردو , Uyghur / غۇيچەرچە, Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt
Other languages ​​will appear soon.

Contact Information
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/typany/
Feedback: typany2016@gmail.com

Клавиатура Typany -Fast & FreeКлавиатура Typany -Fast & FreeКлавиатура Typany -Fast & FreeКлавиатура Typany -Fast & FreeКлавиатура Typany -Fast & FreeКлавиатура Typany -Fast & Free

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