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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,7
Genre : Puzzle Games
Vote : 124 910
Version : 1.5.0
Size : No Data
Installation : 1 000 000–5 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 2.3 or later
Developer : RandomAction
Email : info@randomaction.net
Site : http://randomaction.net
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Scratchcard is a unique picture word puzzle game where you will not be able to enjoy entertainment when you are alone, or when you have words with your friends.

How to play :
Each question has 12 letters and 1 indoor picture. The word you are predicting may be abstract, concrete, state, noun, verb, etc., all related to the picture. You can guess the desired word by digging the picture out of these 12 letters, if you like.

Tip Button Nedir:

The hint button is in the form of a question on the right-hand side. The words you have difficulty in guessing include 3 main tips that will help you to remind you. Each clue has a point value and must be present in order to activate it. If you no longer have the guesswork, you can skip the picture by pressing the skip picture button on the tip page.

[spoiler show=”All text\ Полный текст”]StarCoin Nedir:

It’s a tip you can use without spending your points. At the beginning of the application 15 pieces are given free of charge.

How to Earn StarCoin:

If you are correctly guessing within the 12 letters without ever touching the scraping area, you will have both a 2x Score and a 1 StarCoin.

TIPS: Use your StarCounters for questions that are really difficult. Try to enjoy the fun instead of getting angry. So play together with a few people among the uniquely entertaining games.


How do you write the word that we predict:
When you touch on each letter, it is placed in the first empty position from left to right. By providing the correct ordering in the letters on this number, you estimate the word.

I want to delete the Kelimeyi did not write correctly how to delete:
You can delete the letters you have typed by tapping on the letter you do not want.


Kazı KazanKazı KazanKazı KazanKazı KazanKazı Kazan

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