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Hill Climb Racing 2
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Cost : Free
Age : 9+
Rating : 4,5
Genre : Race
Vote : 8723
Version : 1.3.0
Size : 117 МБ
Installation : 8726
OS : Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Developer : Fingersoft
Email : Fingersoft © Fingersoft
Site : Fingersoft © Fingersoft
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The sequel to the most addictive and funniest driving game, based on real physics! And most importantly – for free!

Newton Bill is back! After a trip to places where no clunkers have ever tumbled before, Bill is ready to accept the challenge of the whole world and to go ahead like a comet in a crazy multiplayer races into the hill of Hill Climb Racing!

Perform new tasks that were not previously available, under different environmental conditions and on different types of wheelbarrows. Win rivals and collect huge bonuses, so that there’s something to do tuning the car and get even better positions in the tables. Newton Bill will not rest until he, neglecting all the laws of physics, will not win all his rivals on the highest hills!

Bill still sometimes likes to move away from racing and just chase, overcoming the tops of the hills. The original game mode with mileage calculation has not gone anywhere!

Features of the new version of the game:
– many different types of transport with individual options for improvements (jeep, super-jeep, scooter, etc.);
– tuning gives in to the engine, suspension, rubber; Installation of a four-wheel drive (4WD);
– a lot of different game environments with different achievements;
– processed and smooth graphics, modulated according to the laws of physics;
– The game looks good on devices with both high and low resolution screen.

Give us a Facebook in Facebook and watch out for new games and updates: http://www.facebook.com/Fingersoft

If there are problems with the game, please let us know at support@fingersoft.net. In the message, specify the name and model of the mobile device.

Hill Climb Racing is a registered trademark of Fingersoft Ltd. All rights reserved.

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