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Cost : Free
Age : 4+
Rating : 4,5
Genre : Lifestyle
Vote : 293
Version : 3.25
Size : 105 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Requires iOS 8.2 or later
Developer : Carrot Rocket Ltd
Email : http://www.geozilla.com/#contact
Site : http://www.geozilla.com/
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GeoZilla is the first GPS tracker that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The GPS tracker will allow you to know the exact location of your family and friends and will not deplete the phone’s battery.

With GeoZilla, you will receive notifications when relatives come or leave a certain place, will receive reminders tied to the location and see social “checks” of your loved ones from Swarm and Facebook.

GeoZilla provides:
– Smart location tracking algorithm that saves battery consumption.
– Geofencing to notify you when a family member or friend comes / leaves a specified place (Home, School, Work, etc.)
– Convenient display of the history of movement to keep you informed of all locations per day.
– Private chat for sharing pictures and videos.
– Chekiny with a location from Swarm and Facebook, which are automatically displayed on the map in GeoZilla.

“I regularly use the application to receive notifications when my children leave school, I have time to warm up dinner for their return.” It’s very convenient! “- Katya

** Convenient travel history **
– You can see the history of the movements of any member of your circle.
– Send requests to update the location of the member of the circle, if it is not available. When you connect it to the Internet and receive a request, you will be notified of the new location.

** Energy-saving GPS tracking **
– GeoZilla does not update the location in the background. The application uses the location change mode (SCL – Significant Location Change).
– In SLC mode, the location is determined by the system using a mobile signal from the communications tower. Most of the time, GPS does not work, which allows you to extend the battery life.

** Emergency notification **
– Immediately notifies the family, as well as the specified services, if one of the members of your circle is in danger and needs help.
– And finally, we will inform you if the battery on the device of the participant of your circle is running out.

** Tasks based on location **
– Create tasks for members of your family or yourself, given the location.
– Manage the shopping list together.
– Get notified when you are passing a certain place.

Your child does not have a phone? Use our smart watch to be sure of their safety!
– The location of your child along with GeoZilla.
– Call and communicate with smart clocks.
– Stay in touch around the world.
Smart watches are available on pre-order without prepayment.

You can get full functionality with the free version, but our subscription can offer you even more buns!

Premium subscription ($ 1.99 / month and $ 19.99 / year) includes:
– Unlimited number of geo-zones;
– History of movement for the last 2 weeks;
– Set up a family schedule.

Two subscription options:
· $ 1.99 / month
· $ 19.99 / year

The price depends on the location. The subscription price will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically be renewed if it is not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to unsubscribe after activation. Manage your subscriptions in your account settings after purchase. For more information about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use click on the link

We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions to support@geozilla.com.

GPS локатор GeoZilla. Найти телефон человекаGPS локатор GeoZilla. Найти телефон человекаGPS локатор GeoZilla. Найти телефон человекаGPS локатор GeoZilla. Найти телефон человекаGPS локатор GeoZilla. Найти телефон человека

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