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Piano Tiles 2
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,2
Genre : Music
Vote : 62 302
Version : 1.0.0
Size : No data
Installation : 10 000 000–50 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 2.3 or later
Developer : woniuspace studio
Email : woniuspace@gmail.com
Site : https://www.baidu.com
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PIANO TILES2 perfect piano music, new games, stepped on board! Click on a color for the music, simple operation, rich game! and small partners can compete beyond imagination, allows you to have a perfect holiday music!
a variety of music is your option
the ideal gaming experience
play quietly and happily
extremely simple operation
games :
Click on the color can be beautiful pop – music!
Click on the short block:
Unit Secretary: Secretary
double block at the same time:

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