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Children’s phone – learn numbers
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 3,8
Genre : Обучающие
Vote : 65 178
Version : No data
Size : No data
Installation : 10 000 000–50 000 000
OS : Android 2.3 or higher
Developer : GoKids!
Email : toplinesolutionsltd@gmail.com
Site : https://www.facebook.com/notes/gokids/stork-studio-limited-privacy-policy/1105119492835798
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Our children’s game “Children’s Phone – Learn the Numbers” is included in our entertaining and educational games for children that suit kids from 1 year old. Such educational applications as a children’s phone will help your child learn numbers and animals, as well as develop memory, logic and attentiveness.
Why choose our children’s phone for educational purposes, when we study figures and teach animals and sounds:
– We study animals for babies, and there are eleven of them: chicken, cow, lamb, pig, mouse, horse, dog, duckling, goat, cat and others. Playing such developing games for kids from 1 year old phone, we teach pets with the baby.
– Learn the sounds of animals: by calling any of the animals, the child will hear how the dog barks, the pig grunts, the cow mumbles, the lamb bleats and other animals in the phone “talk”.
– Learning figures for kids: all children like to play the phone, so your child during the development of the game from 2 years will visually and interactively study the numbers from 0 to 9.
– We train logic, memory and attention: in our children’s games from 3 years in Russian there is a game task for the type of arcade game, where the kid also trains fine motor skills and reaction speed.
– Our children’s phone game is actually the first baby phone for your baby that is displayed on your smartphone. The child will quickly learn how to use the phone, and you can buy him in the near future his own, only not a toy phone.
– You can download our children’s games for free. Thanks to our game for toddlers, the phone we teach animals for the smallest.
In addition, our phone game for toddlers has great entertainment potential for your crumbs. Animals for children have prepared many pleasant surprises. They will gladly answer the phone call for children and talk with the baby in their own language.Together with such a toy as our musical children’s phone, the kid will be provided with a great mood.
Developing games for kids from 1 year to 3 years, such as our cheerful phone, will be appreciated by both boys and girls of preschool age who love pets and birds. To get acquainted with them, the kid will be able to play in the form of a game by pressing a different button on the phone’s toy.
How to play our developing games for children “Children’s Phone – Learn the Numbers”:
1) We call animals. Let the kid press the call button to see a complete list of animals, like photos in the phone book. The child will be able to choose which friend to call at this time. The “friend” will answer the call within a few seconds.
2) We play with the numbers on the buttons of the phone. The kid needs to focus on the buttons of the phone when he or she presses the “play” button. One of the buttons starts flashing, and the child should press it quickly, then another digit will flash, and so on. For each clicked number of the crumb receives points – their number is displayed in the upper right corner.
Our game is a children’s phone for toddlers available in Russian, English and other languages. A big advantage is that you can download a children’s phone in Russian for free with animals. Phone game for children will be an excellent find for moms and dads who are engaged in the development of the baby from an early age, actively using for the children’s developing and learning games and applications for children from 3 to 5. The game is so fascinating that it will take the kid for a fairly long time, And you can do your own thing while your child is playing and developing at the same time. In the study of numbers and pets, you can go beyond the scope of our application, and, for example, when you and your baby walk around with a cat, dog or other animal, then suggest recalling how it talks. If the baby is at a loss, then suggest calling this animal through our children’s phone and hearing what sounds it is making. You can come up with other developmental games, for example, with numbers, when the kid is already studying them with the help of our children’s phone.

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