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Call blocker
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Cost : Free
Age : 3+
Rating : 4,6
Genre : Business
Vote : 126 260
Version : 1.0.78
Size : No data
Installation : 5 000 000–10 000 000
OS : Required version of Android 4.0 or later
Developer : AndroidRock
Email : androidrocker@163.com
Site : http://arcallblockerprivacypolicy.blogspot.com
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The Call Blocker automatically rejects unwanted calls. If you are annoyed by the seller’s intrusive calls or you want to reject someone’s calls, simply add the number to the blacklist, and the rest will take care of the “Call Blocker”. This light and stable application does not require much memory and CPU resources.

1. Blacklist: add the numbers you want to block to the black list
2. Whitelist: add numbers that do not need to be blocked to the whitelist
3. Journal of rejected numbers
4. Locking modes:
* Block black list
* Allow whitelist (block all calls not whitelisted)
* Block unknown (block calls from subscribers not included in the contact list)
* Block all calls
5. This is a FREE app!

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