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Angry Birds 2
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Cost : Free
Age : 4+
Rating : 4,5
Genre : Action
Vote : 28691
Version : 2.12.2
Size : 436 МБ
Installation : none
OS :  iOS 8.0
Developer : Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Email : none
Site : Rovio Entertainment Ltd © 2017 Rovio
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Angry Birds return to the continuation of the most famous mobile game of all time! Angry Birds 2 opens a new era of firing slingshots: waiting for you incredible graphics, complex multi-stage levels svinobossy cunning and even more destructible game world.

** Angry Birds 2 is optimized to run on the iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad the mini and the iPod Touch 5G or later. You can try to run it on older devices, but we can not guarantee that you will throw the birds with ease.

The new strategic gameplay – Now you yourself can choose what to put a bird in flight! “But then the game will be easier, is not it?” NO! We’ll have to choose wisely if you do not want to become an egg into an omelet. Cruz blocks and get more birds as filling RAZRUHOMETRA!

NEW multistage LEVELS!
Pig island has changed – you are waiting for an unusually interesting levels with a variety of exotic plants, unusual details and obstacles. Nasty Pig will build towers directly under your beak – appeared levels, consisting of several stages. Wow…

Blizzards, hot peppers, golden duck and other fun spells will give you a distinct advantage in the fight against arrogant pigs. But that’s not all! Guess who is ready at any moment to attack the stone strengthening rylomordyh? Similarly, our fan of sardines – Mighty Eagle. Oh yeah!

To challenge other players!
Entering the arena and compete with players from around the world – find out who best throws birds. Every day you are waiting for new tournaments, for which you will receive the feathers used to increase the level of the birds, – show the other players who are the best. The game has begun!

[spoiler show=”all text\ Весь текст”]Battled SVINOBOSSAMI!
On the island of pig showed up incredibly tough pig to deal with that does not work without you. Brigadier pig, pig chef and the infamous King of pigs will be up to the last beat of the stolen eggs. Theft of avian property should not get away with hooves! It’s time to teach them a lesson.** Finalist Unity Awards 2015! **

[Spoiler show = “All text \ Fulltext”] —————————–
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—————————– Angry Birds 2 – absolutely free game, but it allows you to make the optional in-app purchases. ! Whatever you chose, prepare to destroy these impudent pig game may contain:
– Direct links to social networking sites intended for persons over 13 years;
– Direct internet links that can take away players from playing on any web page;
– Advertising Rovio products and also products of selected partners.
The game may require an Internet connection; the connection fee is charged according to your tariff plan. When you first start the game you need to download additional content.

Terms: http://www.rovio.com/eula
Privacy Policy: http://www.rovio.com/privacy


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