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Sonic Dash
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Cost : Free
Age : 12+
Rating : 4,7
Genre : Action & Adventure
Vote : (59K)
Version : Depends on the device
Size : 161,09 МБ — 163,82 МБ
Installation : No data
OS : Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile,
Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Developer : Sega Networks Inc
Email : http://help.sega.net/
Site : http://www.sega.com/
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How far will the world’s fastest hedgehog escape? Play for Sonic: you are waiting for jumps, throws and rotation in stunning three-dimensional scenery. Avoid the obstacles in the fast-paced exciting and endless game-runaway. SONIC … The famous hedgehog by the name of Sonic appears in the first endless game-runaway. How far will you escape? … DASH! Use Sonic’s incredible movement – dash. This will accelerate and run (run) at an insane speed, knocking everything in its path!

INCREDIBLE CAPABILITIES The abilities of Sonic help to avoid dangers, jump over obstacles and make dead loops, and a destructive homing attack will help him to deal with enemies!

FABULOUS GRAPHICS Colorful details of the world of Sonic will come to life on the screen of the phone and tablet: the never-ending runaway was never so beautiful!

VARIOUS CHARACTERS Choose any of the Hedgehog Sonic friends: Tails, Knuckles or Shadow.

EPIC BATTLES WITH BOSS You have to confront the two evil enemies of Sonic: the cunning Dr. Eggman and the deadly Zazz from the Lost World! To overthrow these villainous tyrants, Sonic will have to show all his agility at top speed! IMPROVEMENTS Discover, win or buy clever improvements that will help run further: jerks at the start, resurrection and magnetic rings!

BEG CONTINUE The more you play, the more rewards you get! Increase your account multiplier by performing unique missions, or win amazing prizes, including Red Star Rings (red star rings) and additional characters, performing regular tasks and rotating the Fortune wheel daily.

ON THE APPROACH We are working on FREE updates!

Sonic DashSonic DashSonic DashSonic DashSonic Dash

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